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Happy New Week

I hope everyone had a positive start to the new week! Here is a quick weekend recap…

  1. 12 mile training run (ended in an allergic reaction)
  2. Day at the beach
  3. Gin Blossoms free concert

So I have had an allergic reaction once before about two years ago. After my run I noticed my tongue feeling a bit swollen, but I thought it had something to do with having my wisdom teeth out the previous week. A few minutes later I looked down and my arms and legs were covered in a bumpy red rash. Not good. My brother in-law Mitch saved the day and drove me to get some Benadryl. Tim Hortons iced coffee and chocolate chip muffin didn’t hurt either 😉


Anways, I recovered and went on to have a great weekend! Did you catch the women’s cycling event on Sunday? Super kick-ass and even motivated me to take a bike ride that night.


So this week I want to focus on a few things. Today, I grocery shopped and made sure to cut and prep healthy foods for the week. Food planning is one of my goals.

Another goal for the next 3 weeks is to get my bedroom at my dad’s house painted. I will be living here for half a year and I might as well enjoy the space! I will post some before and after photos as I work.

Lastly and most importantly I would like to set a happiness goal. I am currently reading The Happiness Project (review to come later in the week). The author talks about setting goals to accentuate or increase the happiness in your life. This week I am going to work on gratitude. When I was sick with my wisdom teeth removal, I realized how awful life can be for people dealing with illness all of the time. Now recovered, I am SO grateful for my health. I am going to write down a few things that I am grateful for every night before bed!

Any scary allergic reaction experiences out there?

What kind of goals do you set for yourself?



Here is what I’ve been up to this week, and it’s not pretty.

I had my wisdom teeth (all four) removed on Monday! Yuck. This photo was taken right after the surgery, and I thought I felt awful then. The second day I was sick to my stomach all day! I was absolutely miserable. Since then I’ve improved, but I really did look like a chipmunk. I’m not going to share any of my worst pictures because I just can’t embarrass myself like that 😉 Today, Friday, I am feeling much better. Cheeks are still a little swollen and kind of yellow from the bruising, but I did go out in public to have some recalls done on my car.

Besides the stomach sickness, the other worst part of the week was NO running! I thought I might get out at least one day, but nope. So I am going into this weekend’s long run of 12 miles on very fresh legs. I’m really looking forward to it, especially because I will have my fav running buddy.


Also, my bestie Colleen came over yesterday to make Hungry Girl milkshakes with me! They were super yummy and it was nice to finally socialize after a boring recovery week. Ingredients: Almond milk, fat free vanilla coffee creamer, vanilla pudding dry mix, lowfat icecream, sprinkles, hot cocoa mix, whipped topping, and ice! The whipped topping and hot cocoa mix made up the topping, and the rest was just blended up in my trusty blender. (Probably the best wedding present we received!)


More tangents: Here is my new coffee mug from the AA art fair! It’s too cute and was a sweet gift from Colleen’s dad 🙂 Love it.


Last update! Kevin has been gone for 2 weeks now. 2 weeks down out of 20. I’m liking it. 🙂

I guess I could make a nicer document on the computer 😉 I had some difficulty drawing the lines to make 20 boxes. Oh basic math skills.

Any wisdom tooth horror stories out there?

Have you tried any Hungry Girl recipes?

Nutritional Perspective

I love food and I love the way healthy choices can energize and nourish my body. I follow a vegetarian diet (pescetarian to be exact). I have been eating this way for a while now and enjoy this choice for my life. (I am not a dietician or fitness expert and just want to share my life choices.)

Here are my favorite health foods:

  1. Eggs and egg whites
  2. Whole grain breads and english muffins
  3. Sweet Potatoes
  4. Spinach
  5. All vegetables!
  6. Apples
  7. All fruit!
  8. Almond butter
  9. Almond milk
  10. Tempeh
  11. Black beans
  12. Chia seeds
  13. Oatmeal!!
  14. Kashi Go Lean cereals
  15. Greek yogurt

Here are some of my favorite foods in moderation of course ;):

  1. Dark chocolate
  2. Frozen yogurt
  3. Any kind of cookie!
  4. Candy too

I do not have a bodytype where I can eat freely and expect not to gain weight. I try not to obsess over everything I put in my mouth, but I have developed strategies that work for me to stay balanced in my eating.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for a change at restaurants. (Dry toast, salad instead of fries, dressing on the side, etc).
  • Consider your splurges and plan ahead. If you know you are going to a birthday party and will want to enjoy a slice of cake, then have a lighter lunch and no other sweets.
  • Know your problem areas. I can’t be controlled around nut butters, I love em! So I try different strategies like allowing myself one serving a day or buying lower fat versions (Better N’ Peanut Butter).
  • If I feel myself getting out of control with portions or snacks I will use a type of food journal to get back on track. I like Lose It app on my iphone. It is easy and quick for me to use when I’m teaching.
  • Plan ahead! I try to cut up my fruits and veggies right away after getting home from the grocery store. I also like to prep my lunches for school the night before. I need to make it a habit this upcoming year too!
  • I try not to deprive myself of anything or I will want it that much more. If someone around me is having icecream at night and I can’t stop thinking about it I might have a small portion. The other day I added one spoonful or icecream to a vanilla greek yogurt and that did the trick!

What are your favorite healthy eating tricks?

Do you have favorite healthy foods? How about splurges?

The Color Run Review

I hope you had a great running and active weekend! My highlights were going to the Ann Arbor art fair, successful 7 miler, sleepover with my sister and brother in-law (they made quinoa burgers!), the color run, and my brother’s 30th birthday party. It was my perfect kind of weekend, sorry Kevin 😉 My husband claims that I always have a blast when he is gone, but really it would have been the icing on the perfect weekend to have him here.

On to the color run. 15,000 runners came out to Ypsilanti to bask in the neon colored-goodness. Let’s just say, BEST 5K OF ALL TIME! I had such a blast. My mom made a white tutu for me and two friends.

We started the 5k clean, as you can see. The 5k was not timed, and did seem to go pretty slowly with the big size crowds. It was a lot of walkers and probably due to the congestion even more people walked the course. We went through 5 color stations and were sprayed with color from volunteers. My favorite moment was rolling on the cement at the pink station!

After the race there was a crazy color party. They had a stage with djs, dancing, and each runner had an individual color packet. At the end of the countdown everyone would release their color packet and just go crazy! I loved shaking my booty and shaking my color dust on everyone around me. Makes me smile 🙂

Great race and I recommend it for anyone looking for a fun time!

What is your favorite themed race?


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