Run for Your Life!

Welcome to my first post. I bet you are so surprised that it is about running! Miles really do make me smile. You may even call it a love affair that I have with the sport. Nothing beats an early morning run along Lake Huron as the sun comes up. I love the way running can take a bad mood and completely change it. I have even begun to enjoy pushing my speed during shorter runs. Here is how I got started running.

My boyfriend at the time (hubby today) was leaving for basic training in May of 2009. I had just finished dancing on my college team and was looking for something new to keep me busy and moving. A couple of my roommates were big into running, so I thought I might give it another shot (I had some bad running moments in high school, yikes.) I started with a couple of miles at my college track and it was such a great way for me to deal with the emotions I was feeling without my sweetie.

I completed my first long run (5 miles) with my roomies and felt so proud! I couldn’t believe that I was turning into a runner and truly enjoying it. From there I entered a 10k small town race with my parents in tow. They loved seeing me accomplish this new sport and my dad quickly became my “running coach”. Next came a 10 miler called The Crim, and the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon. The following fall I completed my first marathon in Detroit!

Did I mention that I have an awesome running buddy?! Kevin is too fast for me, but my sister-in-law Melissa is just right. I love the company and we help push each other through tough training runs. Every winter we begin to map out our races and goals for the season. She makes me laugh and we are a great pair!


To all the runners out there, how did you get started running? 🙂


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