The Color Run Review

I hope you had a great running and active weekend! My highlights were going to the Ann Arbor art fair, successful 7 miler, sleepover with my sister and brother in-law (they made quinoa burgers!), the color run, and my brother’s 30th birthday party. It was my perfect kind of weekend, sorry Kevin 😉 My husband claims that I always have a blast when he is gone, but really it would have been the icing on the perfect weekend to have him here.

On to the color run. 15,000 runners came out to Ypsilanti to bask in the neon colored-goodness. Let’s just say, BEST 5K OF ALL TIME! I had such a blast. My mom made a white tutu for me and two friends.

We started the 5k clean, as you can see. The 5k was not timed, and did seem to go pretty slowly with the big size crowds. It was a lot of walkers and probably due to the congestion even more people walked the course. We went through 5 color stations and were sprayed with color from volunteers. My favorite moment was rolling on the cement at the pink station!

After the race there was a crazy color party. They had a stage with djs, dancing, and each runner had an individual color packet. At the end of the countdown everyone would release their color packet and just go crazy! I loved shaking my booty and shaking my color dust on everyone around me. Makes me smile 🙂

Great race and I recommend it for anyone looking for a fun time!

What is your favorite themed race?


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