Speedy Playlist

Hey there Wednesday!

I did 6 miles today and things got a little sweaty.

Have I told you that I am currently in marathon training? I am running the Toronto Waterfront Marathon on October 14th, 2012. This will be my second marathon! My goal is to finish under 5 hours. My last marathon was a 5:07, but my goal that year was just to finish! I love and also sometimes hate my relationship with the training schedule. I keep it posted on my fridge and cross off each run. Sometimes I include the overall time of a run too, but only if it was a good one 😉

I thought it would be fun to include one of my running playlists. I really like listening to music when I run alone. Most of the time I am thinking running thoughts, but sometimes I can just zone out with a good song and the miles just tick by.

*The above playlist would work great for a 4 mile run because it is about 40 minutes long. Don’t you love it when a playlist length perfectly matches the length of your run? The stars align 🙂

What song gets your adrenaline going?

Do you like training schedules or do you like to wing it?


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