The Happiness Project Review

I really enjoyed this non-fiction book about increasing, becoming aware, or reflecting on the happiness in your life. The author Gretchen Rubin admits that she has a happy life, but wants to find ways to really live in the moment and take control of her own happiness. Rubin takes a year to work on a different area of her life each month with small but achievable goals. Some examples are parenting, relationships, and having fun.

I like to track goals and make lists, so this type of goal setting is something I think is important. So often people start January 1st with resolutions to get healthy or enjoy life, but they have no real way of breaking these goals down in order to reach them. I also think the time span of one month per goal is a great way to measure and not lose track of your progress.

I found a lot of great ways to work on things in my life based on her project. I enjoyed her parenting tips, and could really relate them to working with children on a daily basis. Things like admiting that a task is difficult, instead of ignoring the fact that children are still growing and learning new things. Say “Learning letters is tough, but once you know them you will feel so proud and be ready to read!”, instead of “You just have to keep practicing”.

I loved the idea of acting the way you want to feel and this is something I use in my own life, but I call it “fake it until you make it”. I especially like it in the area of energy. Put a smile on your face, act enthusiastic and go for it. Usually you will find that once you are moving, your energy level will follow and perk up. I need to remember this mid-week at school when my students want my attention on the playground!

After reading the book I had a lot of goals in mind to set for myself. Even just small tips and tricks that she used to achieve her goals stuck with me. Two areas that I know I want to work on are gratitude and friendships. Expect to see me set and achieve some goals on here!

What area of your life could you set a happiness goal?

What helps you to feel happy every day?


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