Quick Hello and Motivation

Yesterday: 4 mi easy pace, hip hop aerobic class

Today: 3 mi 8:50 average pace

Good morning! I had a hard time convincing myself to go out and run this morning at 6am. I pushed myself out the door with a few mind tricks and motivational thoughts. Here are a few.

Reasons why I got out of bed to run today

1. The weather is finally perfect for running! It was cool, about 55, and the sun was not yet in full force.

2. I told myself to just go run for a few minutes and if my legs are too tired I will come back. Well lets just say that never happens. Mind games.

3. To be proud of myself and my dedication. When my running coach (my dad!) texts me later to see how my run went, I can be proud of my accomplishments.

4. Hot coffee at my babysitting job 🙂

5. To feel energized all day!

6. To not feel guilty about not running. I’m sure Kara Goucher and Shalene Flanagan are out doing some recovery miles after the Olympic Marathon on Sunday. Bad-ass.


Heads-up! I have a fun recipe to post later today. PB & J energy cookies! So yummy!

2 responses to “Quick Hello and Motivation

  1. those cookies do not look appetizing! yuck
    also, you ran an 8:50 pace?!?! you owned it!!

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