Quick Pasta Lunch

7 mi 9:27 average pace

Another beautiful running morning! I am heading back to teaching in a week and a half, so I am soaking up my easy mornings and time off. I am finishing up my paint job in my bedroom so I will have pictures soon enough. AND I’m finally using a camera instead of my phone! Progress.

Here is a quick little lunch I threw together. It looked so pretty and fresh I needed to share 🙂

Ingredients: Whole wheat pasta, local tomatoes (I threw them in with the pasta for the last 2 minutes), spinach (placed in the strainer to wilt while dumping the pasta), drizzle olive oil, parmesan cheese. I threw some roasted tempeh on top too for a protein kick!

Working on the route, water bottle planting, and gu flavor for my 15 miler this weekend with my fav running bud! Feeling nervous and excited 😉

What is your favorite quick meal to throw together?

Any big running plans for the weekend?

2 responses to “Quick Pasta Lunch

  1. TheRunningMama

    This pasta dish looks really good, I may have to try it!

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