Guest Post by Melissa

Setting Yourself up for Success on a Long Run

1. Get some sleep!

2. Eat a good breakfast

3. Hydrate!!!!!

Such easy things to do to prepare for a long run…..yet why do I get the worst nights of sleep before a long run?? Anxious and thinking about those miles, waiting for the sound of my alarm. And what a day to wake up for a 15 mile run on a rainy overcast morning…..ahhhhhhh!

Laura and I walked to the end of the driveway, waiting for the Garmin to catch the GPS, only to be nearly clipped by a golf cart! Now that our adrenaline was running, we started off for our long run.

Amazing thing about having a running buddy like Laura is how easily we fall into  pace.  Our consistency holds us to a 10:25 pace and we take the first mile to let our bodies warm up. With water stations planted around town, we pounded the pavement for 2 hours and 36 minutes, give or take a McDonald’s potty stop at mile 10. ( tip- great to know where all the water fountains and bathrooms during your long run routes)

As we reached the last .6 miles of our run, my mind told me to stop but my buddy pushed me through by talking about juggling, food, the lake and the nearing finish line.

Thanks Laura for pushing not only yourself but me on our marathon journey.

Ode to a Run

Rain, rain you wont scare us away

Give us some time, this 15 miler will pay

Propel, gu and water we down

As we pound the pavement all thru town

3,2,1 miles to go

Our run is done before we know

We push through every step we make

Pushing our bodies for all they will take!!


One response to “Guest Post by Melissa

  1. Thanks for posting my best running bud!!

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