Blog on fire!

4 mi in the AM, 9:01 average pace

4 mi in the PM, 9:01 average pace

Ok, that is the weirdest thing ever! I just noticed that I ran the exact same pace this morning and after work. This morning was 36:03:65 and this evening was 36:03:88. I was all set to write a bit about how much more difficult it is for me to run later in the day! That theory sure doesn’t hold through time wise, but I did feel exhausted this evening.


Amanda over at Peanut Butter and Adrenaline nominated me as a blog on fire. What a sweetie! This is a type of chain where you tell 8 things about yourself and then nominate other bloggers.

I just started Miles for a Smile last month, but I have been reading healthy living blogs for a while now. I started with The Fitnessista and have found a lot of other blogs that I enjoy reading. Here we go!

1. I hated running in high school. Running was a dread while I played softball and the coach would yell that we could stop once Laura reached the front of the pack! It was playful but a gives you an idea of how much I disliked running.

2. I was a college athlete, well… if you count dance team 😉 I danced at Western Michigan University for all of the football and basketball games. We competed at a National competition in Daytona Beach Florida too. It was such a wonderful and fun experience. We even had a scary trainer!

3. I traveled in Europe during my last semester of college. I lived in Heidelberg, Germany for four months and traveled to new cities every weekend!

4. I married my high school sweetheart! We started dating a month before my 15th birthday and were married at 24. I can’t wait to see him!

5. I am traveling to see the hubs next weekend! Woohoo!

6. I came in 2nd out of 2 in my first 10k race. It was called the Pickerel Fest at a nearby small town. Rocked it, hehe!

7. I am house hunting! I can’t wait to own a home and make it amazing.

8. I am currently going to graduate school to further my teaching certifications! I am a nerd and love school.

Thanks for making it through the list! Here are some other great bloggers on fire…

On the Road Again

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Do you like to run early or later in the day?

What is your absolute favorite blog?


One response to “Blog on fire!

  1. You rocked those runs on Wednesday! Can’t wait to rock the CRIM tomorrow – if I can keep up with you and Melly!

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