Crim Review + 32 miles

16 mi (10 mi Race, 1 mi cool down, 5 miles in the evening)

Let me jump back to finish the work week! I completed one more 4 mile run on Thursday. This week was jam-packed with 4 mile runs, and even 16 is 4×4. If I needed a lucky number this week, it would have been 4!

After work on Friday I went to my college and study abroad friend Jacylyn’s wedding. It was perfect and beautiful! I realized how much I missed having Kevin on my side during events like this. But I will be seeing him in 5 short days!

Next, I took off to Flint to complete the Crim 10 mile race. The race has some crazy hills, but it is a really fun event! I ran with my sister-in law Melissa and her husband Mitch. They are so sweet to always let me tag along with them 🙂 Basically, I’m like their child. Happy Anniversary to you cuties!

The race included a dri-fit shirt, medal, pizza and beverage at the finish line party, water stations, and timing system. We finished in 1:41 which is our best time yet! I can’t say it felt like our best Crim yet though because we were a sweaty exhausted mess during most of the race. I tried a Power Bar Energy gel during the race because the Toronto Marathon will be supplying them. I found out that I prefer GU and it sits better in my stomach. I’m glad I tried it so now I know – No thank you to EnergyBar Gels!

There we are after the Crim. Our training plan had us running 16 miles, so we did a 1 mile cool-down after the run. That means I had 5 more miles to do! I went out at night and it was still pretty scorching. Here I am after run #2. This is the new Crim shirt too!

Tired and Sweaty

That is a total of 32 miles for the week and my highest mileage week since my last marathon two years ago. There is no time to bask in the glory of 32 though because this coming week is 35! I am going to change it up a bit and do my mid-week 8 miles all in one swoop before school Tuesday. Wish me luck! 🙂


Recovery is important after a long run and especially when the following week also has high mileage to hit. Let me know what your recovery looks like and I will include it in my next post!

Tell me about your recovery method after a long run!

Do you think races are becoming too pricey? (I heard NYC marathon is  $255!)


4 responses to “Crim Review + 32 miles

  1. My longest runs have been around a 10k. To recover, I eat as soon as possible, and it’s usually toast with peanut butter and fruit or eggs and toast. I drink a ton of water, ice any aches while I eat, and then I lay around/take it somewhat easy. I might go for a walk in the evening so my legs can loosen up a little.

  2. Great week of running:). After stretching I like to recovery on my couch with a bottle of water and a good movie! I tend to eat more later in the day than right after a big run. I think my adrenaline is up from having accomplished a long run that the hunger doesn’t kick in till later!

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