Run, Recover, Repeat

8 mi, 9:40 average pace

 You work hard all week fitting in each run and then put your body through grueling miles on your weekend LSD. You may be feeling pretty rough at this point, but you know that your mileage is only going to increase the following week. How can you keep your body healthy and in tip-top shape to continue your “take-over-your-life-but-you-love-it” training plan? I asked around to find out the best of the best 😉 recovery tips and tricks.

My girl Jordan said: Chocolate milk! Stretching and holding for 30 seconds each stretch, ice baths, and foam rolling. A nap too!

Amanda at Peanut Butter and Adrenaline said:  “To recover, I eat as soon as possible, and it’s usually toast with peanut butter and fruit or eggs and toast. I drink a ton of water, ice any aches while I eat, and then I lay around/take it somewhat easy. I might go for a walk in the evening so my legs can loosen up a little.”

Guest writer Melissa said: “After stretching I like to recover on my couch with a bottle of water and a good movie! I tend to eat more later in the day than right after a big run. I think my adrenaline is up from having accomplished a long run that the hunger doesn’t kick in till later!”

My cutest coworker Kate said: Do a mile shakeout in the evening and make sure to properly rest.

My mom said: “After Laura’s long run I really like taking 100’s of pictures of her all sweaty for the blog and listening to her mile splits. Sometimes she even lets me make her a recovery shake!” Just kidding but really this all happens.

Yours truly said: After a long run I try my best to foam roll, stretch, and shower. I have done a few ice baths and I think they are helpful with soreness and swelling. Jumping in the lake or a cold shower must be similar right!? But my favorite way to really unwind is with a cup of coffee and sweats.

Great ideas ladies! To recap we have…

1. Drink chocolate milk and water and eat a healthy meal.

2. Stretch, foam roll, and ice for swelling.

3. Watch a movie, take a nap, and wear sweats.

4. Go for a walk or short run to shake out sore legs.

5. Bask in the amazing accomplishment. Then realize that you are going even farther the next weekend and start to prepare!

Tell me about your favorite running moment?


7 responses to “Run, Recover, Repeat

  1. I love your blog! I also love the tips for a great recovery! 🙂

  2. You may also like this blog!

  3. Thanks for including me, cutie!

  4. The “nap” part is really important 😉 Love you, lil runner girl.

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