Fueling adequately

Tuesday 5 mi, 9:30 average pace

Wednesday 9 mi, 9:43 average pace

Thursday 5 mi, 9:40 average pace

I hope everyone is having a great week. This week flew by for me and all the running certainly helped! I haven’t had too much going on but working, running, and a salad date with a friend last night. Have you ever been to Salad Creations? It is a build your own salad type of place with lots of great toppings, and they dress and chop your salad for you. Very yummy!

Tuesday and Wednesday were great running days for me. However, today was the first time in a while that I thought I might not be able to finish a run. My body felt exhausted and it was hard to get off the ground during the last mile and a half. I started wondering why I was so beat, and I think it has to do with fuel. The day before I had a salad for lunch and then ended up with another salad for dinner at the above restaurant. Too many veggies and not enough carbs and protein I believe is the culprit. Man oh man, running smart is so tricky!

Dear Body,

 I promise to eat more carbs before and after running so many miles.

Please forgive me,


Oatmeal and sandwiches will be making their way into my diet these last few weeks of training. Ahh last few weeks is a crazy thought! I have 4 more weeks until the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. I can’t believe it is here and I’m  so excited to torture myself with 26.2 miles 🙂

Still to do: Plan running outfit, make a playlist, 20 miler, buy gu.

What mistakes have you made when it comes to exercise?


4 responses to “Fueling adequately

  1. We don’t have Salad Creations but there’s a similar restaurant called The Mix, and I love all the salad toppers! Sweet potatoes & candied pecans…Mmm.

  2. I tend to overestimate what I’m capable of and add miles on too quickly for my poor legs to handle!

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