A full day of running + Kegs & K’s Review

13 mi, 10:22 average pace

4k race, fun pace with beer

What a fun day of running! I love this sport with all of my heart. Running not only keeps me healthy but also so so happy. I feel very lucky that I found something I enjoy this much and that I can do the rest of my life.

Marathon training called for 14 miles today. So we hit a half-marathon early, and then did the Kegs and K’s Race sponsored by Elite Feet. The long run felt awesome and I can’t believe how fast the miles flew by. Melissa and I always have a ton of conversation and its such a fun way to catch up. Also, her calf muscle was feeling great! Wahoo!

Kegs and K’s was a fun and relaxing race with lots of beer. We ran 4k in 4 loops with a small cup of beer at each loop. At the finish line there was a band, burgers (including black bean!), and another cup of Bell’s beer. We had our color run group back together, and also my sister-in law and her husband ran. We had some family spectators in attendance too and looking cute on the sidelines. The race called for costumes so we wore our tutus again! Drinking beer wasn’t too crazy because it was such a short race.

Would you ever drink beer during a race?


4 responses to “A full day of running + Kegs & K’s Review

  1. Love the tutus!

  2. Love the pictures! Looks like it was a real fun race. See you this weekend!

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