Post-Marathon Blues

Yesterday, 10 mi, 9:31 average pace

Today, 5 mi, slow

This blog has been a little bit tricky so far! I have managed to trick you into thinking that the only form of exercise I do is running. Well, you are in for a surprise on October 15th! When I’m not training for a marathon I enjoy more spinning, yoga, kickboxing, weight lifting, and using the elliptical. I have even done a snowshoe race and loved it! What I’m trying to prepare you for is that I will incorporate other exercise into my blog talk soon. I promise not to disappoint!

I have been thinking a lot about what I will do after the marathon to stay fit and healthy. I love schedules and function so well on the training plan that I want to prepare myself for what is to come. I have had thoughts of doing another marathon soon…just because I am already at the point in my training where my mileage is very high. Disney world is sold-out and I can’t seem to find any other marathon in the winter months that appeals to me. And trust me…it is tough to train during Michigan winters. That is the reason that I become treadmill-bound from December-March!

A spring marathon has crossed my mind as well. Lots of choices including Kalamazoo, Flying Pig (Cincinnati), Cleveland, Traverse City . With a race in May, I could attempt to keep a solid base over the winter and then jump back into training at the beginning of February. So many possibilities!

Marathon training is so time-consuming and life-consuming that runners will sometimes feel let down after a race, even when it was a success. Something that was such a huge part of your life is over and you are forced to rest for at least a week and not begin training again for a month or so. I know that I will struggle with this and I need a plan of action so that I don’t bum around on the couch eating cereal from the box.


I bought and borrowed some new running goodies today. Both tops were under $13 and I also stocked up on gu for the next few weeks! A coworker let me borrow her dvd “The Spirit of the Marathon” and I’m super pumped to watch it and be inspired. 🙂

I’m smiling my forgive me smile in this picture for you Kevin! Please understand my need to purchase these things 🙂

What was the last fitness item you purchased?

Do you plan your races out way in the future or sign-up last minute?


3 responses to “Post-Marathon Blues

  1. Spirit of the Marathon is such an inspiration movie! I watch it free on Hulu when I’m lacking motivation.

  2. Traverse City would be a beautiful place to run 🙂

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