On our chilly fall Sunday in the mid 50’s I hit the grocery store, chopped veggies, and did homework. I won’t force you to read about my homework, so here is my fun day in the kitchen from yesterday!

Here are a few yummy items that I picked up! New almond butter to try (spoiler: it’s really really good and has flax seeds mixed in), bell peppers, greek yogurt for breakfasts, sweet potato for carbs, a luna bar, and broccoli slaw to top salads. I always have a blast at the grocery store 🙂 food nerd alert.

Chili Ingredients

I decided to make chili in the crock pot for dinner yesterday. I found this recipe from The Fitnessista. It is a sweet potato and black bean chili and smells amazing!

Before Cooking

Also….my lunch on Sunday. First, imagine all of the different ways eggs are used. Savory in omelettes and quiches, baked into sweets, or alone. Then realize how tasty and delicious this cheese and jelly egg sandwich is from the blog Peanut Butter Fingers. Now, it won’t be so weird when I tell you that I had a an almond butter, egg white, and honey sandwich. All of my favorite foods together in a sandwich! I know it sounds strange, but it was very delicious and filling with all of the protein.

What weird food combos do you like?

2 responses to “Brrrrr

  1. I really like baby carrots with peanut butter. I don’t know if that’s considered weird though! I also love eggs with jelly. So good.

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