Guest Post: Precarious Start, Glorious Finish

5 mi, 9:11 average pace

Here is a 20 mile recap part 2 from my sister-in law Melissa! Enjoy!

From the day I signed up for the Toronto Marathon,  I knew I would have to run 20 miles twice. Once for a training run and once during the actual Marathon. Laura, kept suggesting we squeeze in another 20 miler at some point, but I was pretty set on only running it twice.

Friday night started with a pasta dinner on the couch while watching The Spirit of the Marathon, honestly a great way to get motivated!!!! Laura and I both laid out our clothes for the morning and prayed the rain held off. We were both in bed by 10pm, so far so good! Then of course 5am, wake up, is it time? go back to sleep, 5:20am wake up, is it time? go back to sleep, 5:45am wake up, IT IS TIME!!!!! I enjoyed a banana, peanut butter and toast, while Laura stuck to her oatmeal. We packed our GU and glided our bodies and we were off to the AA 501 Running Fit Group. I love the AA 501 Running Fit Group, however, horrible course for our 20 miler. The temp was decent, shorts and t-shirts, the rain was looking iffy but we set out to check off some miles. A very shaky start that involved, stoplights, a near fall, possible clothing change, rain drops and a bathroom stop. We shook off this bad start and put on our game faces, as we left the run group and headed out on our own adventure.

Miles 7-14, we drank, we gu’d, Laura fell in love with some women with strollers and I emptied my right shoe about 3 times.

Miles 15- 18 we drank, we gu’d, we fell silent. At this time, I started fighting with the urge to slow down. At each water stop, I reminded myself to shake out my arms, enjoy the water and think about the finish.

Miles 18-20, we drank and we kept running. Those last 2 miles seemed to go by quickly, we had 3 stop lights to go through and we did finish going downhill but I never felt so good on a 20 mile run in my life! ( it was my 5th one)

It is hard to explain what it feels like to run 20 miles……………………the physical and emotional pain it causes, yet the drive to do it again remains.

This is my 3rd marathon, but I have never felt this prepared. I do know, my training would not be going so well if it wasn’t for my sister, thanks again Lo!!



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