This is Crazy

8 mi, 8:51 average pace

Don’t look at me like that….I see your quizzical look. Where is this need for speed coming from? Well, I have been intrigued this running season by PR’s (Personal Record), BQ (Boston Qualifier), and more advanced marathon training. Plus, it is such a reward to challenge myself and improve my speed. Here are the splits for today:

Mile 1-9:51, Mile 2-9:11, Mile 3-8:57, Mile 4-8:46, Mile 5-8:58

Mile 6-8:24, Mile 7-8:26, Mile 8-8:12

Trust me when I say that this was not easy for me. I worked my tail off this morning before work and pushed through every mile. I realized how much easier it is to daydream while running if the pace is comfortable. Today, I couldn’t think of anything except how hard I was working.

I am enjoying playing with speed and crunching the numbers. I don’t know exactly what kind of long distance pace my body and mind are capable of, but as long as I’m enjoying myself I say go for it! I will keep working hard and pushing myself until I no longer want to. Besides, I  wouldn’t run if it were hard ALL the time. I enjoy my speed day, but I also really enjoy a comfortable pace or catching up with a friend on a run.

I spent some time yesterday reading running articles. Here are a few new tips and tricks I learned about. The first one is called Pre-fatigued running, and the concept is to run hard when your body is getting tired to simulate the last part of a marathon. An example would be to run 20 miles with the last 2 or 5 at MP (Marathon Pace), or to run 22 miles with the last 10 at MP (this would be very advanced!). The concept of this makes sense although I have some doubts about whether this type of training would work for me. I guess I will have to try it one day to know!

Another similar strategy is called Running on E and basically you run on an empty stomach and empty carbohydrate stores. The purpose is to begin burning through fat stored in your body, and also to simulate the difficulties of running into high mileage (marathons, or ultras). I am very unlikely to want to try this because it sounds miserable! I considered attempting it this morning, but there was no way. I needed a banana on my empty stomach to power through the miles, especially for speed work. The article suggested beginning with a 30 minute run and increasing the time and only performing this type of run around 1 time per month.

Next up, marathon pace stats!

  • 10:00 average pace = 4 (hours): 22 (minutes)
  • 9:30 average pace = 4:08
  • 9:00 average pace = 3:55
  • 8:30 average pace = 3:42
  • 8:00 average pace = 3:30 (Boston Qualifying time + 5 minutes)

What do you think of running pre-fatigued or on E? Crazy or smart?

Do you enjoy pushing the intensity of your workout once in a while?

2 responses to “This is Crazy

  1. Speaking of running articles, i just found this about fueling:

    To get you fueled adequately, consume about 7 to 10 grams of carbohydrate for every 2.2 pounds that you weigh, or 475 grams per day for a 150-pound runner. This is a huge number of carbs, so you’ll need to include carbs in every meal, and snack often. You may also find it helpful to drink fluid that contains carbohydrates like juice or sports drinks.

    Also, great job on the 8 miler………i see Boston in your future!

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