Test the Limits Week

8 mi, easy pace

Yes, I will be running two marathons on back-to-back weekends. I have heard different opinions on the risk I will be taking, but I know my body and I know I can do it. Of course, I am going to be cautious and put my health first above all other factors. Here is my plan.

I will alter my last two weeks of training for the Toronto Marathon. I am skipping to an 8 miler for this Saturday, followed by short tapering miles during the week. After Chicago, I will rest 2-3 days, and run a few slow miles to shake out my legs mid-week. After Toronto I will do some heavy duty resting and stretching.

1. I will eat a good amount of carbs over the next two weeks. I am focusing on healthy and complex carbohydrates. Today I picked up a few things, and I am going to do a post of meals that meet carb requirements for runners.
2. You will never see me without a water bottle. I will be hydrating and consuming lots of water.

3. If I’m not eating carbs or hydrating then I will be sleeping. The goal is to hit 8 hours every night no matter what and I pretty much do that all the time anyways.

4. Icing, stretching, foam rolling, and compression socks. I am taking my recovery very seriously people.

Sponsors!! I am partnering with my mom for this test the limits week. She has agreed to take $10 off my phone bill. I am also partnering with my dad who will be providing my food over the next few weeks. My husband Kevin is providing lots of love and support via skype. 😉

Let’s do this!

Have you ever done something that people thought you shouldn’t?


4 responses to “Test the Limits Week

  1. GOOD LUCK LAURA! Chicago is going to be SO MUCH FUN! And what an accomplishment to do back to back marathons…you are so amazing! I love your video! xoxo

  2. Great video, you are some kind of crazy. My only thought was, i hope i can keep up with her when i attempt to jump in the marathon in chicago and run you home!

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