Planning to make healthy choices

Bike ride 60 minutes (Sunday)

Let’s get ready to taper! Tapering is a decrease in mileage prior to a long distance race. You run less miles to increase energy stores and decrease the amount of stress on your body. It’s basically like cutting back on calories to get ready for a big meal!

The plan for this week is hip hop cardio class on Monday (60 minutes), 3 miles Tuesday AM before work, 4 miles Wednesday AM, and 2 miles Thursday AM. Then rest Friday and Saturday, and race Sunday! My dance team alumni event for homecoming this Saturday was cancelled     😦 but at least it will give me extra rest time and less craziness the weekend of the marathon.

WMU Dance Team Days


Here are some healthy eating highlights!

Homemade pizza with orange bell peppers, brocoli slaw, cheese on half, and pizza sauce.

Pumpkin pancakes with chocolate chips and walnuts! I also substituted the 1 egg for egg whites and 2 tbls butter for applesauce. The toppings I used were a tbls of pure maple syrup and a tbls of almond butter.

*My last almond butter jar that I raved about from Naturally More was part of the peanut/almond butter recals! I took it back to Kroger for a refund. 😦

Remember to meal plan, grocery shop, and prep food on Sundays! I cooked quinoa, boiled eggs, and chopped veggies for lunches and dinners this week. If you are organized and prepared it will be much easier to make healthy eating choices every day! 🙂

What do your healthy plans include for the week?

Any new recipes or foods you have tried recently?


3 responses to “Planning to make healthy choices

  1. Please make me pumpkin pancakes!

  2. I completely agree! I want pumpkin pancakes!!!

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