Chicago Marathon Review

Wednesday: 3.14 miles, 9:00 average pace

I am back to running after 2 days of rest and recovery! I was really missing putting in some miles before school, so I was itching to get out there. I had a great first run back with only a little bit of stiffness. I have been missing my husband a lot this week, so it felt great to get some exercise and endorphins!


Let’s talk about Chicago!

I loved this race, especially because of the great weather and my time. Here are some great things about the Chicago Marathon.

1. The course is flat and fast.

2. The spectator support is unbelievable. There were people throughout the entire 26.2 miles cheering and waving like crazy! I sometimes felt self-conscious doing something embarrassing like adjusting my undergarments, or spitting because I couldn’t hide from everyone!

3. The organization of the race was great and had to be with 45, 000 runners. There were volunteers near the start, and finish that were available to answer questions or point people in the right direction.

4. The water stations were frequent, and had both Gatorade and water. Energy gels were passed out at one station, and stations in the last 6 miles had pieces of banana available. There were some goodies at the end of the race too.

Here are some things I didn’t particularly love.

1. The porta potties were far away from the start area! I didn’t have enough time to make it back to my corral, so I had to skip the bathroom. I stopped at a little cafe in the first mile, ran in and ran out in about 2 minutes!

2. I really hoped the course went by the lakeshore, but nope. I think there are probably too many runners for that space on the boardwalk but it would have been prettier than the city streets. I liked running through the neighborhoods with colorful fall trees best.

3. Our last .2 was an incline! Come on now, especially since there was maybe one little speed-bump of a hill through the entire course, and then we had to finish with one. Silly.

4. The finish line shoot took forever, the treats at the end were not my fav, and I froze my stiff legs off before I could find my family in that craziness.

5. That I looked like a little boy without a home before the race! I had throwaway clothes on and looked a little rough. Melissa and Mitch tried to disown me and kick me out of Dunkin Donuts.

I am in no way complaining because I loved Chicago, but I think a race review should be critical and help others decide if they would spend the $150 to do it. All in all, I would recommend this race to you!

This was the first marathon I ran alone, and it wasn’t as lonely as I expected. I was in the zone and very focused so the miles really did fly by. I had the potty issues at the beginning, but the rest of the race went well for me. Melissa and Mitch found me 5 times on the course! That must be some sort of record, because they were kickin ass getting to all the different areas of the course. It really helped me to see them and they gave me so much encouragement and energy to keep moving.

Best sister ever!

I rocked out to “Gangnam Style”, GUed 4 times, and stripped one long sleeve off. I checked my garmin often to make sure I wasn’t too fast or too slow at any point. I pushed hard the entire time and gave the course all that I had. I’m really proud of my effort and I think it paid off with a great time!

What is your favorite race or favorite city?

Do you like visiting big cities?


2 responses to “Chicago Marathon Review

  1. Thanks for the awesome recap on the Chicago Marathon and congrats on a great race!

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