Test the Limits Week Update

Rest Day

Here is an update on Test the Limits week.

Miles completed: 31.4

Smiles had: hundreds

Candy corn consumed: 1 bag

Miles driven: 340

Rest days: 4

Next on the list is The Toronto Lakeshore Marathon Sunday morning. The forecast is looking really awful with 70% chance of rain, high of 66, and thunderstorms/wind. Ahh! I need a new hat to shield the rain.  Outfit choices are pretty much the same as Chicago. Tshirt, shorts, Wright socks, gear belt, headband, and garmin. I plan to take 4 gus again too. Time expectations are to finish under 5 hours and have a blast of course. I’m running with Melissa this time so I will have lots of entertainment. 🙂 We are ready to rock Toronto!

Fuel for this weekend includes: Pumpkin brownies, Luna Bars, Candy corn, gu, gatorade, and probably some delish pasta! Lots of miles requires lots of fuel.

These brownies are just a can of pure pumpkin and a box of brownie mix. Don’t add the oil or eggs!

Do you have a workout buddy or do you like working out alone?

Are you a candy corn lover or hater?


2 responses to “Test the Limits Week Update

  1. I have a favorite workout buddy and her name is Laura Lee Boyea (previously Adamson)! We dont get to do it often though 😦 And I am obsessed with candy corn (esp. the pumpkin ones) and I love the stomach ache I get after I eat the whole bag as well. 😉

    • Miles for a Smile

      I loved our workout on the beach and park bench the best by your house!! Romantic 🙂 yes the sugar pains are well worth it! I love you!!! Have a great weekend 🙂

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