WTF (Where’s the Finish?) Toronto

Sunday: 26.2 miles/42.2 km, 4:51

Two marathons on back-to-back weekends are complete! Wow, it has been a wild ride. I will do a full review on Toronto soon, but I will just say that it was NOT all flowers, kittens, and sparkles. It was more pouting, grumpiness, and self-doubt. I think some races just go that way, especially depending on the weather and your overall motivation. We keep racing because we know it will get better and we trust in our love of running. And…Melissa and I both finished and were happy to do so.

Test the Limits Week Conclusion

Miles completed: 57.6

Smiles had: Lots!!

Candy corn consumed: 1.5 bags

Miles driven: 1048

Rest days: 4

Running buddies gained: Mel-1, Laura-1 (Thanks Elizabeth and Oscar!)

I’m really excited to incorporate other types of exercise into my weekly schedule and to write about it on here! I also want to focus on nutrition in the coming weeks.

Have you ever felt relieved after completing an event or a series of events?

What are you up to this week?


8 responses to “WTF (Where’s the Finish?) Toronto

  1. Lets just say if Sunday was a first date with Toronto……they would NOT be getting a second date from ME!!!!

  2. Can’t wait to read the recap!

  3. Congrats girls! Amazing job!

  4. Jessica Daugherty

    Did you buy any Uggs? I hear the exchange rate on them is redic

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