Mid-week shakin’ it out

3.5 miles, slow

First run post-marathon felt great! We had a beautiful day here in Michigan so I just had to get out there. I wasn’t sure on Sunday evening when I would want to run again, but running and I have reconnected our romance. 😉

Like the compression socks? Review to come on those too!

Have you heard of a running streak? Check this idea out. Want to start a streak with me? How about exercising 4 days a week or more?

I’m heading to spin class on Friday morning before work and I’m super pumped! Also, I am planning a yoga class for next week, and maybe some weights classes.

My college buddy Jordan is running a 5k on Saturday with hopes of hitting a PR. She is one of my friends that helped me start running and she is very dedicated to running and super speedy. Plus she is adorable! So send some running vibes her way this weekend 🙂

Can you tell I’m a little hyper this evening? The endorphins are doing their job 🙂

Have you ever had a streak going?

What kind of streak do you want to try?


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