Pro Compression Review

Rest Day

Remember how I set a workout schedule for this week? Well, life got in the way and it changed a lot! I am still happy with my exercise for the week, and I hit my streak of 4 workouts a week or more. Plus I still have a fifth day planned!

Monday-Hip hop cardio class

Tuesday-Halloween themed spin class (so fun!)

Wednesday-4 mile run

Thursday-Barbell blast class + 25 min bike ride + 15 min elliptical

Tomorrow morning I am running 6 miles around town and I can’t wait! Plus, I will be wearing my compression socks. 🙂


During marathon season this fall I used compression socks to help speed up my muscle recovery. I bought Pro Compression socks online and they shipped very quickly. I wore them after both races during the car rides from Chicago and Toronto. I also wore them the second day after both marathons at school under my work pants.

I have worn the compression socks a few time since the marathon and I liked running in them. Compression socks are not proven to improve performance, but I liked the fact that my calves warmed up quickly and stayed toasty during the run. I think it is likely that this helps runners because your muscles are loose and ready to cruise.

Compression socks aide in recovery by increasing the blood flow to your large muscles. People with poor circulation, especially the elderly, wear a similar type of sock or stocking to help with blood flow. Compression gear is very trendy in the running world and a lot of runners swear by them.

This was my first time running back to back marathons, so I don’t have a lot to compare it to. But I was running again after 3 days for both races and I think that is pretty awesome! I was much more sore after Chicago but I think that is because I was really pushing my speed. Toronto was more of a survival and finish race for me.

The socks fit very tightly, but are still very comfortable. I love the colors, and the material of the socks. They washed well, and I hung them up to dry so they wouldn’t shrink. I would definitely buy more compression gear to try and I think this brand is great!

Have you tried compression gear?


One response to “Pro Compression Review

  1. About time you rested! You are putting everyone to shame!!

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