Who turned off the lights?

Monday-Hip hop cardio

Tuesday-Powers Out circuit

The power is back on in my house and I couldn’t be happier! Just in time for trick or treaters. We were out of power for about 36 hours, and two huge trees crashed into our backyard and on a neighbor’s house. We definitely felt the wrath of the hurricane all the way on Lake Huron.

So what is there to do when the power is out? Well…my first instinct was to hoard all of the apples and bananas from my dad. Then I started munching on products that didn’t need to be refrigerated. The only problem with that is  usually the longer the shelf life of an item, the worse it is for you. So I decided to rethink my activities. I started thinking about working out. Can’t run in the stormy weather, the gym is out of power, and I can’t access my workout videos. I’m left with simply my body weight and an empty living room.

Try this workout when you are short on time and resources. It takes about 15-25 minutes depending on how many times you repeat it. Simple exercise that everyone knows and to the point. Try it and let me know what you think!!

As the month is ending, I am left thinking about my activities and accomplishments in health and fitness. And I am looking ahead to November to see what I want to try and how to set myself up for success.

What did your October look like? Any big milestones?

What are you working on for November?

2 responses to “Who turned off the lights?

  1. My November I’m going to get in shape. I have to star eating healthy. Yolo.

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