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Triple Tangent Tuesday

3 miles, slow and easy

Today was a day of healthy eats and some treats! I changed the workout plan for today and switched the evening weights class with a run this morning. I needed a good sweat before school. I was struggling during the run though because I was so bundled up (23 degrees) that my hat kept shifting which made my ear buds fall out, and then the gloves had to come off to fix them both. Annoying! I will be purchasing good running gloves and headbands soon!

I have conferences at school the next two nights, so I will make sure to run before school. I have to miss my group run at Elite Feet. ūüė¶¬†I’m going to make sure to run so¬†I can have a few treats to keep me awake between meetings. I bought gum, peppermints, and peppermint nougats for my two full days. I am pretty excited about getting some work done in my classroom that I never get to, like organizing and donating items.

Elf for health is going great! My elf is Kirstin¬†and she is awesome! She has already speaks my language (quinoa, running, and squash). The challenge for today was to write a letter, so I did. Tomorrow I’m supposed to try a new workout, maybe I can do some handstand pushups¬†between meetings, hehe.

I will see Kevin in 7 more days!! Woot, woot! He is super cute and hilarious and I will have way more pictures of him on the bloggy. I will be taking pics and possibly blogging from the road, so make sure to follow our road trip on here starting December 5th!

I’m super pumped to run a race in a Santa suit on Saturday. Should be ridiculous.

What is a workout that you want to try?


Slow down Sunday

6.37 mi, 9:14 average pace

Today was my first run in the snow for this winter! I waited until a lot of snow on the streets was melted, and I had to stay off the sidewalks because it was slippery. I may need to research some shoes or shoe accessories that help with running in the winter. I was pretty miserable the first mile (cold feet and cold face) but I warmed up and enjoyed the rest of the run.

I emailed my Elf for Health already and the challenge for tomorrow is meatless Monday. I am a vegetarian already, so that is an easy one for me. I am additionally going to be mindful of portions and extra treats. I already know I need to stay organized because I have conferences Wednesday and Thursday and I will need lots of healthy snacks and meals to have at school.

This weekend I had a deliciously sweet spinach and strawberry salad with walnuts. I tried an oatmeal bake and loved it! And roasted an acorn squash.

Here are my exercise plans for the week!

Monday-Elliptical action + Cardio hip hop class

Tuesday-Barbell blast class

Wednesday-AM run (No group run, sad panda)

Thursday- AM run

Friday-Rest or fun workout class

Saturday-Santa Run 5k


What are your tips for running in the snow?

I’m an Elf for Health

Wednesday, 6 mi, 9:29 average pace (Group run!)

Thursday, 10k + yoga

Friday, rest

Saturday, spin class + abs

My¬†last few days have been filled with my bestie Colleen and my husband’s family. My family has been pretty scattered this holiday. Plus, only my in-laws will let me talk about Kevin constantly and not complain. ūüėČ

Colleen and I went out for some wine on Wednesday, desserts Thursday evening (her family had an amazing pumpkin cake that I am going to try making at some point), and shopping/lunch on Friday. Colleen lives in LA so every visit is special and fun for us.

Thursday morning, we had our turkey trot group back together for a fun-run. The weather was really mild and the sun was shining. It has cooled down alot since then, hence the spin class this morning. I am going to try and get out for a long-ish run tomorrow.

I made some muffins to take around for Thanksgiving morning and black Friday. The first batch, chocolate chip, was a complete fail and the chocolate burnt pretty badly. I adjusted the baking temperature and time for the next two batches of orange cranberry and strawberry. They turned out much better, but weren’t quite as moist as I would have liked. I will try this recipe again though because it is a good one, and super healthy. ūüėČ


Lastly, I want to tell you guys about a challenge I’m participating in. It is called the Elf for Health Holiday Challenge and two cute bloggers are putting it on. You get to be an elf for someone by checking in with them twice a week, and someone will be an elf for you. It sounds like they have a lot of people participating! There are daily challenges for your overall health, and not just physical health. We get our assignments soon and it starts this coming week. ūüôā I’ll keep you updated.

version3edited Elf for Health Holiday Challenge
What kind of holiday adventures did you have this week?


Healthy tips for Thanksgiving

Tuesday, 3 mi, 9:16 average pace

I am officially on break from school today. So, don’t read this until you have finished your work day if you are still at it! ūüôā I promise I won’t brag, especially since I couldn’t sleep past 7am this morning and fell asleep at 8:30pm last night. As we are all thinking and planning for the events tomorrow, I want to take some time to think about my “healthy” goals for tomorrow. What do I want to achieve so that I’m not in stomach ache or sugar rush¬†status by 8pm tomorrow.

1. Start the day with exercise. A local or big city race, spin class at the gym, or a brisk walk. Imagine every 30 minutes gets you a piece of pie. ūüôā My gym is open just in the morning which is perfect!

                                              Detroit Turkey Trot 2011

2. Indulge in a lot of water all day long! Stay hydrated with water so that you feel full and¬†energized. Instead of going back to the appetizer area multiple times, finish off a few glasses of the good stuff. ūüėČ

3. Sometimes you just need to walk away. Go hang out in another room without the apps or desserts sitting out. After you have had a healthy portion, go play with the kiddos or talk with someone in another area.

4. Run around with the kids! I think this is a perfect way to burn extra calories and so fun. If the weather is nice enough¬†play capture the flag, throw a football around, or plain old tag. If it’s chilly try an interactive sport video game, or some around the world ping pong.

5. Here is where it gets tricky. You have to hit 3 houses full of food during the day. All different and tasty treats that you would love to sample. Try to make your first stop revolve around fruit and¬†veggies (salads, beans, cranberries, etc). At the next stop have some protein and complex carbs (turkey, sweet potato, and whole grain roll). At the third stop have a single dessert that is your all time fav! If you really can’t choose, have a 1/2 slice of one and 1/2 of another.

6. Enjoy the day. Don’t stress out over food and calories but be mindful. Remember that our bodies are not garbage disposals. Focus on time with friends and family, and the food is only secondary. ūüôā

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful for a beautiful run

3 mi, slow sandy pace

Usually the words running and beach are combined in a sentence used during the month of May. Something like “I’ve got to start running to get ready for beach season”. Well, here we are in mid-November and I am talking about running at the beach. The reason¬†is because the water levels are very low where I live, so the beach has expanded enough to make¬†it perfect for running.

Running in sand is hard! Even if it’s pretty well packed, there is still an element of balance that you don’t get running on the sidewalk. I did 3 miles, but it felt like a lot more and was definitely slower than normal. Running this close to the water was so refreshing.

I wore old sneakers and was careful of my footing. It is very easy to roll an ankle on uneven ground. Same holds true for running trails, on gravel, or on the grass.

Sometimes that perfect run can make you feel on top of the world. Maybe you established a new pace, hit a mileage goal, or¬†a run felt easy for the first time. Today for me it was about adding an element of¬† beauty and calm¬†to my life. I’m thankful for running and all of the amazing things it gives back to me.

What is your favorite running moment?

Group Run Week 2

Wednesday, 6 mi, 9:03 average pace

Today, 3 mi, 8:51 average pace

Happy Friday! I had a really good week, so no¬†complaints over here. But I sure am looking forward to relaxing and babysitting my adorable nieces tomorrow. And only 2 1/2 weeks until I see Kevin! ūüôā

Excitement this week included a baking date with a friend, a group run at Elite Feet, and a fun dinner with my dad and brother.


Here is the review of my first Elite Feet group run.  Also, you can follow all the happenings in the Blue Water area, running related of course, on this facebook page .

Look at the size of that group! It was pretty much the coolest group meet-up in town. We had runners of all paces and distances. The group ranged from 3-6 miles, and newbies to super speedy POHO Hot Cocoa winners! It was really fun to meet new people, and see what races people have coming up. Two ladies that I ran with are doing the Disney full marathon, and I was super jealous and wanted to be them. Ah, 2014 maybe. At the end of the run, we were treated with hot cocoa! Thanks Elite Feet!


Next up, new baked goods!! My fitness instructor friend Brittany and I made some yummy treats. We were planning on doing a little pinterest crafting, but come on that’s pushing it. ūüôā We made homemade butterfinger bars¬†and my fav healthy chocolate chip cookie recipe that turned into a kitchen sink cookie! I made another batch of cookies on¬†Tuesday for my cutest brother.


Yesterday I had dinner in Ferndale at a restaurant that recently opened called Local. The atmosphere was so cozy and European-inspired that I just loved it.

I had the kale salad with tofu and¬†it was awesome.¬†I haven’t been to any restaurants that serve kale yet, so this was very cool. Everyone else had fabulous food too. I took a few bites of my brother’s banana pudding for dessert. Wowza.

It was a pretty great week, and I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving coming up! Some upcoming posts are a review of the¬†Disney wine and dine half marathon from my girl Hanna (oh¬†yeah, and she got engaged on Space Mountain!), and some tips and tricks for staying healthy on a holiday!

What was the highlight of your week?

Winter running gear

3 mi, 8:54 average pace

My run this evening was inspired by my sister in-law Melissa because she rocked out 2 running sessions today! Love that. Also, by the fact that work is really testing my patience and I miss my husband more every day! The run really helped clear my mind. On the agenda for tomorrow is another group run at Elite Feet.

I am very guilty of hitting the treadmill hard during the winter months. This year though, I would like to make my winter races less miserable by continuing to run outside through December, January, and February. Part of the problem for most people is the uncomfortable feeling of being that cold when you start. Here are some ideas for winter running clothes to help battle the chill!

1. Start with a base layer. A long sleeve dri-fit shirt and running tights/pants. I prefer black tights, but they have some really cute prints out there that a lot of people can rock. Go you! Also, there are pants made for conditions below 25 degrees with fleece and warmer linings.

2. Next, depending on the temperature, add another layer on top such as an insulated¬†jacket. I personally don’t like any more layers on bottom because my legs get pretty toasty. And hey, if you are still cold while you’re running, run faster. ūüôā

3. Finish the outfit with a hat or headband and gloves. I use both hats and headbands, but sometimes I get less head-sweat when I just cover my ears. Depends on the temperature too.

Here is a great article to help you dress for success.

And here are a few things I’m loving right now! Of course lululemon everything.I like this top below¬†because of the option to pull it up over your neck.

RUN:Pitter Patter PulloverAnd touch-screen friendly mittens!

Brisk Run Mittens

These¬†are from Dick’s Sporting Goods. I like the high neck and hood option for the coldest of days. And the pants look perfect for our Traverse City snow shoe race!

Under Armour Women's Storm Fleece Full Zip Jacket - Dick's Sporting Goods

What are your favorite winter wear pieces?