An October to remember

3.2 mi, 9:30 average pace

It felt so great to get out for my first run since the crazy weather started. I skipped the barbell blast class tonight so that I could take my time making a veggie omelette for dinner, and more pumpkin cookies!

I forgot to share pics of my activities during the power outage. It was a cozy moment, and I love headlamps 🙂 Badass.

Here are more headlamp moments…

Melissa during a camping/failed running weekend in 2011


Also, my friend Oscar from the Toronto Marathon has a running blog that is super inspiring. Check it out!


Let’s talk about October! I loved this month and all the highs and lows. Completing both marathons was definitely a great accomplishment this month. I felt so pumped and proud after Chicago, and then a little bit defeated after Toronto. I will never forget all of those special running moments, and the training with one of my best buds Melissa.

School was a little tumultuous this month, but that is kinda typical for the beginning of the year. I’m hoping things will calm down soon!

I loved all things pumpkin, candy corn, and spooky this month. I adore Halloween. I am looking forward to time with family for the upcoming holidays as well.

I met some great new friends recently, and have loved getting to know them. I am very shy, but I knew I needed new local friends to keep me busy with Kevin gone. Also, some great things have happened to people I love, such as my cutest friend Alli getting engaged, Jordan’s 5k PR and my dad quitting smoking!

I missed Kevin a lot this month. I think we are both just tired of being apart, and are missing each other like crazy. Running has helped me so much and really is better than therapy :). Baking helps too!

And as my kiddos say at school, Goodbye October…Hello November! I will post some November goals and things to look forward to soon. 🙂

What was your favorite moment in October?

What is your favorite Halloween candy?


4 responses to “An October to remember

  1. Glad to see good things happening! My favorite moment in October was probably a tie between starting work and starting to date a very nice boy, haha.

  2. jerry moorehead

    Hi Laura….congrats on the two marathons, quite an achievement..haven’t talked to your dad in the last few weeks but great that he has quit smoking, let’s hope he keeps it up!


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