Cheers to a healthy November

7 mi, 10:06 average pace, 32 degrees

Great run this morning with my girl Melissa. She wasn’t sure about my choice of 7 miles, but we both had a great run. Shout out to Kate’s Downtown for the water stop! We went through some local neighborhoods and then up and down our main street. Today we stayed off the water because of the chilly temps and the wind. Melissa did some running on E by accident, and she really worked those glycogen stores and got into fat burning territory.  This afternoon I met my friend Alli for lunch, and had a great time chatting away with her too! Tonight I’m having dinner with my dad and then hanging at my in-laws house. What a great fall day surrounded by friends and family 🙂

Last night I went to a local art hop in our downtown. All of the shops and cafes stayed open late and housed local artists. I was only there for an hour, but I just loved being able to hangout downtown and enjoy the local stores in the evening. I believe more people would go downtown if the stores were open later in the day.

*Sidenote: I  just taught my dad the 1-1 ratio for candy corn and almonds. This is very important.


How is November going for you so far? It’s been great here and I’m sure excited that this is the last month Kevin and I will be apart! It feels really close now. To keep time moving quickly I need to stay busy and set some new goals. Since I will be seeing my husband for the first time in 3 months, I’ve got to stay in shape too. Kevin’s goals are to work out and eat healthy for November  🙂  Here are mine.

1. Spend time with friends and family. I want to keep having friend dates and connecting with those that are far away. My bestie Colleen is coming to town for Thanksgiving so we will have a lot of time together!

2. Try more new workouts. I really really need to get to a yoga class soon! There is a new spot in my city, and also another studio by my work that I would like to try. I can review both on here for those local readers too.

3. Continue to run and keep a solid base up through the month. I am going to try a group run at my local running store Elite Feet this coming week. Review to come for that too 😉

4. Cook with more seasonal ingredients. I would like to try more squash recipes, and also new quinoa recipes! And of course I will be baking because you know I love it.

5. Keep up the 4 workout a week streak! Going strong.

6. Make a pinterest craft! Any friends want to have a crafting date? We could make turkeys or something?

What are you looking forward to this month?

Any goals you would like to achieve?

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