What I ate Wednesday!

Group run planned for tonight!

Thanks to Peas and Crayons for this fun food journal! Check out my other WIAWs here and here!

Yogurt Bowl! Vanilla greek yogurt, almonds, oats, grapes, and cinnamon.

I was planning on having oatmeal for breakfast but I could not cool down after my run. I knew I needed a cold bowl of breakfast goodness.

My lunch was a bit different because we had professional development at school, so our lunch was ordered. We had pitas and they even ordered some vegetarian pitas. It was not very filling, so I paired it with the apple below and of course a chocolate chip cookie. 🙂

Apple plus an unpictured banana

Salted caramel mocha

For dinner I had a squash to roast. I paired it with some quinoa, and cottage cheese on the side. Pretty tasty and very seasonal! Appetizer was carrots and hommus.

Roasted acorn squash with quinoa

What tasty treats and meals have you had recently?


2 responses to “What I ate Wednesday!

  1. Mmm squash is the best! And I love that hummus. So happy I found your blog!

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