Elite Feet for the Group Win

Wednesday, 4 mi, 9:43 average pace

Thursday, barbell blast class

Ahh we made it to the end of the week. Good work everyone! I hope you had a motivated and healthy week. Sometimes we need a little push to stay healthy, especially with the holiday season and colder temps. A great way to remain focused is to train or exercise with a buddy or an organized group. Luckily, I found a cute little running group in Port Huron at our local running store. The group is organized by Elite Feet and we start right there at the store on Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

This is the third week of their Wednesday group run, and my first time participating. I LOVE having a running store in my town and have enjoyed all of the races and events that Elite Feet puts on. I knew this was up my alley and would be a great way to meet new running friends. Also, I’m hoping Kevin will start going with me when he gets home. 😉

We had 4 runners participating (Amy, Matt & Kristy), and the choice of mileage and pace was a group decision. We decided on 4 miles somewhere between a 9:00-10:00 minute mile pace. Matt and Kristy led, and Amy and I followed a bit slower. Everyone was super friendly and nothing is better than talking to people with the same interests. We chatted about recent races, 2013 plans, and the Goofy Challenge in Disney World.

We ran a similar course to POHO Hot Cocoa race. It was pretty much a straight shot through our downtown, onto the boardwalk since the lighting was better, and down to the bridge. We turned around at mile 2 and went back. Amy and I both thought we ran a little slow, but it’s tricky being speedy and chatty at the same time!

I wouldn’t usually run alone in the dark unless I’m staying close to home, so this was a nice treat. The city was pretty quiet except for a few fishermen. They thought it was too cold for fishing, but just right for running. I couldn’t agree more, the temperature was great and so was the company. Thanks to Elite Feet for a successful first group run and many more to come!

Plus while you are there you can drool over the beautiful shoe display. Ahh running budget, why are you so small?

There ya have it! Here is a peak at some winter running clothes for my next post.

Have you ever tried a running group?

Where do you like to buy exercise clothes?


6 responses to “Elite Feet for the Group Win

  1. That’s such a good idea, run groups. I like the idea of posting it up like that!

  2. Group run in Poho sounds great, i will be sure to check it out next time i am in town!!! lucky you get to run by the water at night, even a cold night!

  3. Love the picture of the bridge at night! Yeah for Poho Hot Cocoa!

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