Group Run Week 2

Wednesday, 6 mi, 9:03 average pace

Today, 3 mi, 8:51 average pace

Happy Friday! I had a really good week, so no complaints over here. But I sure am looking forward to relaxing and babysitting my adorable nieces tomorrow. And only 2 1/2 weeks until I see Kevin! 🙂

Excitement this week included a baking date with a friend, a group run at Elite Feet, and a fun dinner with my dad and brother.


Here is the review of my first Elite Feet group run.  Also, you can follow all the happenings in the Blue Water area, running related of course, on this facebook page .

Look at the size of that group! It was pretty much the coolest group meet-up in town. We had runners of all paces and distances. The group ranged from 3-6 miles, and newbies to super speedy POHO Hot Cocoa winners! It was really fun to meet new people, and see what races people have coming up. Two ladies that I ran with are doing the Disney full marathon, and I was super jealous and wanted to be them. Ah, 2014 maybe. At the end of the run, we were treated with hot cocoa! Thanks Elite Feet!


Next up, new baked goods!! My fitness instructor friend Brittany and I made some yummy treats. We were planning on doing a little pinterest crafting, but come on that’s pushing it. 🙂 We made homemade butterfinger bars and my fav healthy chocolate chip cookie recipe that turned into a kitchen sink cookie! I made another batch of cookies on Tuesday for my cutest brother.


Yesterday I had dinner in Ferndale at a restaurant that recently opened called Local. The atmosphere was so cozy and European-inspired that I just loved it.

I had the kale salad with tofu and it was awesome. I haven’t been to any restaurants that serve kale yet, so this was very cool. Everyone else had fabulous food too. I took a few bites of my brother’s banana pudding for dessert. Wowza.

It was a pretty great week, and I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving coming up! Some upcoming posts are a review of the Disney wine and dine half marathon from my girl Hanna (oh yeah, and she got engaged on Space Mountain!), and some tips and tricks for staying healthy on a holiday!

What was the highlight of your week?


3 responses to “Group Run Week 2

  1. So glad to have found another blogger in my area (sorta), Can’t wait to follow!! Although I so wish I lived closer to PH so I can join the group runs! I will have to make one, oneday! Can’t wait to follow!!!

    • Thanks so much for reading! And how awesome to see another Michigan blogger. The group run is super fun and motivating, just what I need in the winter months! And I found the PB2 at kroger, but they just started selling it at my local store. I know you can get it online too! 🙂

  2. All the reflector gear in the group run pic is legit!

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