I’m thankful for a beautiful run

3 mi, slow sandy pace

Usually the words running and beach are combined in a sentence used during the month of May. Something like “I’ve got to start running to get ready for beach season”. Well, here we are in mid-November and I am talking about running at the beach. The reason is because the water levels are very low where I live, so the beach has expanded enough to make it perfect for running.

Running in sand is hard! Even if it’s pretty well packed, there is still an element of balance that you don’t get running on the sidewalk. I did 3 miles, but it felt like a lot more and was definitely slower than normal. Running this close to the water was so refreshing.

I wore old sneakers and was careful of my footing. It is very easy to roll an ankle on uneven ground. Same holds true for running trails, on gravel, or on the grass.

Sometimes that perfect run can make you feel on top of the world. Maybe you established a new pace, hit a mileage goal, or a run felt easy for the first time. Today for me it was about adding an element of  beauty and calm to my life. I’m thankful for running and all of the amazing things it gives back to me.

What is your favorite running moment?

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