I’m an Elf for Health

Wednesday, 6 mi, 9:29 average pace (Group run!)

Thursday, 10k + yoga

Friday, rest

Saturday, spin class + abs

My last few days have been filled with my bestie Colleen and my husband’s family. My family has been pretty scattered this holiday. Plus, only my in-laws will let me talk about Kevin constantly and not complain. 😉

Colleen and I went out for some wine on Wednesday, desserts Thursday evening (her family had an amazing pumpkin cake that I am going to try making at some point), and shopping/lunch on Friday. Colleen lives in LA so every visit is special and fun for us.

Thursday morning, we had our turkey trot group back together for a fun-run. The weather was really mild and the sun was shining. It has cooled down alot since then, hence the spin class this morning. I am going to try and get out for a long-ish run tomorrow.

I made some muffins to take around for Thanksgiving morning and black Friday. The first batch, chocolate chip, was a complete fail and the chocolate burnt pretty badly. I adjusted the baking temperature and time for the next two batches of orange cranberry and strawberry. They turned out much better, but weren’t quite as moist as I would have liked. I will try this recipe again though because it is a good one, and super healthy. 😉


Lastly, I want to tell you guys about a challenge I’m participating in. It is called the Elf for Health Holiday Challenge and two cute bloggers are putting it on. You get to be an elf for someone by checking in with them twice a week, and someone will be an elf for you. It sounds like they have a lot of people participating! There are daily challenges for your overall health, and not just physical health. We get our assignments soon and it starts this coming week. 🙂 I’ll keep you updated.

version3edited Elf for Health Holiday Challenge
What kind of holiday adventures did you have this week?



4 responses to “I’m an Elf for Health

  1. I love this elf for health idea. I have seen it going around, but never knew what it was about! YAY!

  2. Our visits ARE so special! Love you, and the muffins were DELISH! And an Elf for Health does sound awesome!

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