Slow down Sunday

6.37 mi, 9:14 average pace

Today was my first run in the snow for this winter! I waited until a lot of snow on the streets was melted, and I had to stay off the sidewalks because it was slippery. I may need to research some shoes or shoe accessories that help with running in the winter. I was pretty miserable the first mile (cold feet and cold face) but I warmed up and enjoyed the rest of the run.

I emailed my Elf for Health already and the challenge for tomorrow is meatless Monday. I am a vegetarian already, so that is an easy one for me. I am additionally going to be mindful of portions and extra treats. I already know I need to stay organized because I have conferences Wednesday and Thursday and I will need lots of healthy snacks and meals to have at school.

This weekend I had a deliciously sweet spinach and strawberry salad with walnuts. I tried an oatmeal bake and loved it! And roasted an acorn squash.

Here are my exercise plans for the week!

Monday-Elliptical action + Cardio hip hop class

Tuesday-Barbell blast class

Wednesday-AM run (No group run, sad panda)

Thursday- AM run

Friday-Rest or fun workout class

Saturday-Santa Run 5k


What are your tips for running in the snow?


2 responses to “Slow down Sunday

  1. I can’t wait to hear about Santa 5k!! Your pictures look great, your food looks delicious! My tips for the snow are, when Kevin gets home, cuddle up by the fire! šŸ˜‰ hehe

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