Triple Tangent Tuesday

3 miles, slow and easy

Today was a day of healthy eats and some treats! I changed the workout plan for today and switched the evening weights class with a run this morning. I needed a good sweat before school. I was struggling during the run though because I was so bundled up (23 degrees) that my hat kept shifting which made my ear buds fall out, and then the gloves had to come off to fix them both. Annoying! I will be purchasing good running gloves and headbands soon!

I have conferences at school the next two nights, so I will make sure to run before school. I have to miss my group run at Elite Feet. 😦 I’m going to make sure to run so I can have a few treats to keep me awake between meetings. I bought gum, peppermints, and peppermint nougats for my two full days. I am pretty excited about getting some work done in my classroom that I never get to, like organizing and donating items.

Elf for health is going great! My elf is Kirstin and she is awesome! She has already speaks my language (quinoa, running, and squash). The challenge for today was to write a letter, so I did. Tomorrow I’m supposed to try a new workout, maybe I can do some handstand pushups between meetings, hehe.

I will see Kevin in 7 more days!! Woot, woot! He is super cute and hilarious and I will have way more pictures of him on the bloggy. I will be taking pics and possibly blogging from the road, so make sure to follow our road trip on here starting December 5th!

I’m super pumped to run a race in a Santa suit on Saturday. Should be ridiculous.

What is a workout that you want to try?


2 responses to “Triple Tangent Tuesday

  1. Are you running the jingle bell run?!

  2. i hope you dont get addicted to those peppermint candies like you did candy corn! 2 more days till we SANTA SUIT UP! GO FLINT!

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