Santa Run + Weekly Update

Wednesday, 3 mi, slow

Thursday, 3 mi, 8:37 average pace

Friday, rest

Saturday, spin + 5k Santa Run

I had a busy week with conferences at school, but I managed to get my workouts in and healthy eats too! One thing I lacked…taking pictures and completing some of my elf challenges. Oops! I still have time to complete the weekend challenge of cleaning out closets and donating items.

I want to tell you about my Thursday run. I decided to do a kinda-sorta tempo run before school. Medium pace for mile 1, super speedy for mile 2, and medium pace again for mile 3. I really enjoyed this type of run and I could feel my heart rate and legs working really hard. My 2nd mile was a 7:52! I don’t think I have any 7 minute miles recorded on that Garmin. 🙂

Ho, Ho, Ho!


Here comes Santa Claus! Hundreds and hundreds of Santa Claus runners!


My sister in-law Melissa and her husband Mitch and I completed this 5k Santa Run in Flint, hosted by the YMCA. We had a blast!  I thought about staying local to race in the Jingle Bell Run, but I could not pass up the opportunity to race in a 5-piece Santa Suit. I will do a full recap soon, because this race was hilarious!


Running experts say that you shouldn’t have much energy left at the end of a race. Pace yourself evenly so you don’t tire too fast or not at all. Well…let’s just say we had some energy left!





Happy December and Happy Holidays from this Santa and every other Santa out there running!

Who can name the movie with a mob of Santa’s running down the street?

Are you running a holiday race?


7 responses to “Santa Run + Weekly Update

  1. HAAAAAA!!!! Oh my, I did do the jingle bell run, but That one looks REALLY Fun!!!

  2. I am still laughing. Big shout out to Flint for putting on some of the best races ( CRIM & SANTA!) with the best food!!!

  3. Jingle All the Way! Love that movie!

  4. HAHAHAH. omg! Those pictures are classic! That looks like SO much fun! Would love to do that with you all one day! Love you! and ahhh 2 days until you leave to get Kev!

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