Santa Run Review

Monday-4 miles + hip hop cardio

Tuesday-3 miles, 8:47 average pace

My week is off to a great start. I am so excited to be seeing my husband soon and bringing him home! I am enjoying the email exchange with my elf for health, and I even tried making a homemade salad dressing today. I think I need more practice before I can share any recipes though.


I need to give a shout out to the Flint YMCA for an awesome 5k holiday race. The 5k Santa Run in downtown Flint was a blast, and I would recommend it to every runner. I ran with my sister in-law Melissa and her hubby Mitch. The race was $25, which included the Santa suit, race entry, and goodies during and after the race. This run was not timed, and had a lot of families and pets that participated. If you are looking for a 5k PR, this is not your race.


The weather was pretty mild for December 1st and we got a little toasty in our suits. The race provided a milk and cookie station part way through the 5k! After the race they provided coffee (yes!!), cookies, mini Lara bars, bread sticks, chips, and more milk. The goodies were spot-on, and rivaled Flint’s other race The Crim.


It was so hilarious to see people dressed as Santa at every turn, and made the race extra special. Who doesn’t love a fun costumed race?




Next race on the agenda is the Poho Hot Cocoa in January! I am super pumped for this race, and I love all the chocolate treats at this race too. Hmm….you are going to think I only race for the swag.

What costumed races have you done?


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