Road Trip Part 1

Thursday, 1 mi

Friday, 2 mi

Saturday, 2 mi

Sunday, 6 mi, 8:55 average pace

This road trip was a blast! Healthy living was in the back on my mind, but I also relaxed and enjoyed trying new restaurants and foods. I definitely had my fair share of road trip snacks including candy, fro-yo, and a chocolate chip cookie. My workouts were just quick little runs to get a few endorphins flying around. I really didn’t need them though because my happiness level was through the roof! And it still is because I have my husband home. Now, we just need to find a home. Smile


photo (4)

Our trip started at the airport in Augusta, Georgia. We drove to Charlotte, North Carolina and looked for a hotel late in the night. We played a little bit of “What’s your best rate?” and had a silly old time. The next day we slept in, had a filling breakfast, and went to downtown Charlotte to check out the area. We saw so many adorable Christmas decorations here. Lunch was at a barbeque place called Shane’s, so I had a couple of side dishes and a side salad.




Next, we hit the road for Blowing Rock, North Carolina. I found this city by looking for areas with good trails and outdoor activities. We loved Blowing Rock and had a great time there. Unfortunately, it was pretty rainy and foggy so we couldn’t do the hiking or go to the look-out points. We still enjoyed staying up in the mountains and some of the shopping in town. Dinner was at the Foggy Rock, and was enjoyed by all. I had a veggie burger with cheese and avocado, a side salad, and a glass of chardonnay.


photo (3)

The Holiday Inn in Blowing Rock was a reasonable price and super fun with the pool, workout facilities, 24 hour coffee station, and hot breakfast. Loved it!

Stay tuned for our Road Trip part 2 with appearances from the cutest family in Cleveland! Smile

What are your healthy travel tips?

2 responses to “Road Trip Part 1

  1. First picture brought tears to me eyes! So happy for you both. xo

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