Road Trip Part 2

Monday, Hip hop cardio

I am back to work and back to my everyday activities, plus one husband of course. We are getting into the swing of married life again, and life is good. He is definitely a worse cover-stealer now though. How does that happen?

Back to the road trip! Here is Part 1. I left off with Blowing Rock, NC. We made some changes to our plan in order to get back Saturday night instead of Sunday. We were all thinking about having the whole day on Sunday to relax and get ready for the work week.

photo (8)

We skipped Black River Falls, and drove right toward Cleveland. We only made it to Canton, OH and played the hotel game again. The area hotels were more expensive than our other stops, but it was the best hotel yet. The breakfast was legit, nice pool and hot tub, and free weights in the fitness center. We had a good night of sleep and a healthy little morning before finishing the drive.

We were so happy to make it to Cleveland to see Kev’s brother Robert, his wife Carrie, and the cutest almost 1 year old Eli. They just moved into their house the day before our visit, but they already had a ton of work going down. We toured the house and loved it. We all went out for lunch to the B Spot, and for Menchies fro-yo afterward. Eli is always a laid-back baby, but he was awesome in the restaurant. He just needed a few toys and some pumpkin milkshake and his life was complete. It was such a fun stop because we were all together, and planned some Christmas shenanigans.


photo (9)

Oh, we saw Brad Pitt there too!

photo (1)

Actually it’s some way cuter guys! Kevin and Eli.


Pumpkin and cake batter with chocolate chips and brownie chunks. Boom!


What fun holiday events are you planning with your family?


One response to “Road Trip Part 2

  1. What a great trip! Wish we had a Menchies or a Mitchies!

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