Running around town

Tuesday, Spin class

Wednesday, 6 mi

This week is moving along nicely. I have a lot still to do for Christmas but I’m excited to have Kevin around to make shopping and errands more fun! Also, we have had a lot of fun at school with holiday themed activities.

Kevin and I went to spin class on Tuesday and the ride was jungle themed! I went to a similar Halloween ride back in October. The music was themed of course, with songs like “Hey, Hey, We’re the Monkeys”. Kevin maxed out his bike, and then asked me “what, is that good?” He is such a show-off Winking smile . And also pretty bad-ass.

I missed my group run at Elite Feet the last two weeks because of conferences and the road trip. It was really fun to be back and catch up with my new running buddies. My WDW marathon ladies rocked 18 and 20 last Saturday. The group run had 16 or 17 people this week! It is really growing and it’s awesome to see the same faces every week. See you next Wednesday at 6:30.

Here are a few highlights in the way of eats. Sweet potato and black bean chili, air popped popcorn, salad beast, and an egg-white & spinach sandwich. Yum!





I’m still completing the elf for health challenges and I’m really enjoying it. This week I drank a ton of water on Monday, attempted to clean up my pantry, and ate 3 servings of vegetables before 2pm. Rocking it out and so is my elf Alyssa!

How do you challenge yourself to stay on track?

Do you like to workout and set health goals with friends or alone?

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