Giving and Receiving

Wednesday, 10 mi, 9:37 average pace

Thursday, spin class

I have almost survived another holiday week at school! Our party was on Wednesday, and I’m glad we have it early because of the growing craziness as Christmas gets closer. We enjoyed about 30 minutes of Arthur Christmas today, and that was a  fun treat!

Each year, I get better at managing Christmas without getting too overwhelmed. If you let the holidays stress you out, then it’s hard to enjoy the most wonderful  time of the year. Here are a few things that have helped me along the way!


I try shopping a little bit at a time and starting around Thanksgiving. I know if I start any earlier, I will change my mind or second-guess my decision. I just slowly work on my list, some online and some in store, and try to finish at least a week before the big day. Also, I know that I need to get any gifts for people at school done first because we celebrate first.

My biggest issue with buying gifts is second-guessing my decision. Sometimes I will put off buying something and then regret it in the end. I want so badly to find the perfect gift, but that can be difficult. I remind myself that the purpose of giving and receiving is to enjoy and show the person you care. If someone buys a gift for me, I appreciate it because I know they thought of me and what I might like. I think a lot of people forget this (adults and children). Smile


I completed another successful group run at Elite Feet! Wednesday night I joined some ladies in marathon training to do a mid-week 10 miler. This was the farthest I’ve ran since the marathon in October. We started at Tim Horton’s to complete 2 miles down to the running store, joined a bigger group for 6 miles, and then ran back to our cars. I was a little worried at first about running this distance, but it went great! I can’t wait to run locally with more of these ladies!

I keep meeting new friends at these group runs. I am pretty shy, but once I started putting myself out there to meet new people it has been so easy! I met TJ, a young girl from California who is getting married next year. Also, I joined a facebook running group called Praise Runners. The group of women meet up for runs around town, of different paces and distance goals. I am really excited to be a part of this awesome crowd!

Upcoming posts: Poho Hot Cocoa 2012 review and some food ideas/recipes!

Do the holidays stress you out?

How do you manage your stress levels?

2 responses to “Giving and Receiving

  1. Sometimes when it comes to buying gifts I get a bit stressed. Sounds awful but I do!! Awesome run this week!

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