Poho Hot Cocoa 2012 Review

There are only 21 days left until the 2nd annual Poho Hot Cocoa run in downtown Port Huron. Last year this race was definitely a highlight of my 2012 running year. It motivated me to get outside during the winter, and have some fun with friends and chocolate. Plus how cool to have such a big race in my hometown!


My running buddies Melissa, Mitch, and Sara Jo signed up for this race and we were very excited. I wasn’t much of a winter runner at this point, and hit most of my miles on the treadmill. The sweatshirt was adorable, I love chocolate, and time with my friends all made it worth it for me to sign up.

We got to the start line just a few minutes before, and contemplated different layers of clothing. I didn’t have much experience with the appropriate layers for different temperatures, and it definitely was a cold day (made the hot cocoa all the more amazing). I will be picking my clothing more appropriately this year and let you know when it gets closer!

The 8k course was an out and back from downtown PH to the bridge, with a little loop, and back to finish right in front of the store. There were a few slippery spots, but the rest of the course was well-marked and easy to run.

After the race we went through the store Weekends to get out hot chocolate, and then to the upper level of Elite Feet for chocolate fondue! We got these cute little plastic containers with melted chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallows, and fruit.


This year, Elite Feet is hosting the Poho Hot Cocoa again! The date is January 12th and it starts at 8:30. The shirt is a half-zip that looks super cute and would be a great cold-weather running top.


Come join me and other local runners this year at the Poho Hot Cocoa race! Let’s eat and drink chocolate until we crash!



Will you be ready to run on January 12th?


2 responses to “Poho Hot Cocoa 2012 Review

  1. I am so excited for this race! Although I have not a clue on what to wear on really cold days! As I run on a treadmill always…ugh! The jingle bell run wasnt so bad but who knows how jan weather can be!

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