I cheated on real running…

with a treadmill!

Saturday, 6 mi, 9:22 average pace

Sunday, 4 mi, 8:42 average pace

I don’t know how it happened. I woke up Saturday, looked out the window, and decided that I wanted to run 6 miles. It looked so cold out there, and I didn’t have the energy to bundle up. So I went to the gym, ran a comfortable 6 miles and called it a day. It was definitely not the same as a refreshing run outside, but I’m glad I ran at all.

So this morning (Sunday) I begged forgiveness to the running gods and hit the pavement. It was a crisp 23 degrees outside, but I tried running a quick pace to stay warm. I was dreaming of warm coffee, and imagined myself running towards it. Smile

Sweaty & red face. Rudolph?


LOVE stretching on the floor with Guiliana & Bill.


I went to an adorable Christmas play last night out at North Lakeport church. It was  called Sander’s Family Christmas and put on by The Black River Theatre Company. My friend Brittany and her husband Aaron did an awesome job and the music was really fun.



More fun Christmas activities planned for today. Have a great Sunday and don’t forget to get your wrapping done!

How do you celebrate completing a tough workout?

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