Running at the mall?

Today, 3 mi in the snow!

photo (7)

Melissa and I went to the mall this morning to run 1 mile laps around the structure. I received a great tip from some running friends that the mall is usually one of the first areas plowed on snowy days. It was still a little messy and wet, but we had a great 3 mile run.

photo (5)

photo (4)

I was thinking of the Disney Marathon trainees that have been dealing with running in all of this snow!

photo (3)

Last night…I got pitch-slapped. We watched the movie Pitch Perfect! It was my second time seeing it and it made me laugh so hard! The singing is really fun too with the mash-ups. We had peppermint coffee made with my father in-laws coffee percolator.

photo (2)

photo (1)

How do you stay fit in extreme weather?

6 responses to “Running at the mall?

  1. In extreme weather…I just keep running (although I draw the line at danger…tornadoes, for example, would keep me indoors!) There’s something quite hardcore about running in the snow, don’t you think? Well done for getting out in it!

  2. Computer is going crazy, might have posted a million times? sorry if so! anyways…. The mall is such a great idea though, If you ever needed a running partner let me know! I know no one in the yale area that likes running and the mall is not to bad of a drive! I really need to start getting off the treadmill and get my butt outside, you girls rock!

    • There are so many runners in the area, it’s just hard to meet them! Elite Feet run groups on Wednesday nights are really fun and you should definitely join us 🙂 And the mall was a great idea for days with fresh snow. Have a great new year!

  3. We’ll have to run the water next time I’m up!

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