Running for beginners

Sunday, 4 mi 8:51 average pace (at the mall)

Monday-5 mi 9:20 average pace (treadmill)

photo (8)

I watched How I Met your Mother (HIMYM) on the ipad at the gym and it was glorious!


I disliked running for a long time because it always seemed to go along with forced workouts for a sport or team. In college when a lot of my girlfriends were really into running I couldn’t understand why. I was on my college dance team and we would often finish practice with a 1 mile run and I was always near the back of the group.

In 2009, Kevin went to basic training and I started to run to stay busy, physically and mentally. I started at a local track just running 2 and 3 miles. I got better each time and loved how running was making me feel and the accompanying stress-relief.


I had progressed to running a consistent 3 miles without stopping a few times a week. Soon, I went out with some friends on my first 5 mile run! I was really worried about whether I could complete this distance, but I did and felt so amazing after. My sister-in law Melissa had started running around the same time so we signed up for a few races together.


I ran my first 10k after 3 months of running, and then the 10 mile Crim after 4 months. That October (6 months into running) I ran the Detroit half-marathon with Melissa. Running had stolen my heart. Smile


I didn’t follow a training plan or really know anything about running when I started. Luckily I was in decent shape when I started and didn’t push myself too hard. Now, I am a huge advocate of training plans, and slowly increasing mileage one week at a time. Also, I tend to either work on speed or distance for a period of time to reduce the risk of injury.

I have heard amazing reviews of the Couch to 5k Plan. You can get this app right on your phone, and it will tell you when to start running and when to stop and walk. It is a running/walking method that helps people build up to being able to successfully complete a 5k. I think this is awesome too because by training properly, you will be able to enjoy your first race and feel prepared! My friend Alli is using this, and my sister-in law and her husband have used this program too.

Runner’s World Article on beginning to run

Sticking with running

Here are some tips I wish someone would have told me:

  • Get fitted for sneakers at a running store. They will help you find the right support for your foot shape, stride, and body type.
  • Don’t spend a lot of money on other gear until you know you enjoy the sport and will continue for a while. All that you really need are some comfortable cheap gym clothes.
  • Don’t get frustrated. Some runs are just better than others and everyone has good and bad days.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink water every 2-3 miles, and sports drinks or gels after an hour of running.
  • Races are fun, but expensive. Pick your favorites at the beginning of the year and budget for those.
  • Beware of getting addicted. Smile Running can take over your time and thoughts. It’s a pretty amazing addiction though.






How did you start running?

**Email me if you would like any further advice or ideas for starting to run!


2 responses to “Running for beginners

  1. Great lo! My motovation is back. Here s to a year of PRs! Cheers!

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