Run Less, Run Faster

Friday-Spin Class

My holiday vacation is coming to an end. I loved the time off and spent it relaxing and enjoying all of my friends and family. My sweet Colleen left today to go back to LA and I will miss her very much! I have a few more fun things to do before Monday though and I’m pretty excited for them.

Kevin and I went out for dinner and dessert last night. We had a lot of fun, and our dessert location had some live music.

photo (13)

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I’m pretty excited about my new training plan based on the FIRST method (Run Less, Run Faster). I used Hal Higdon’s plans in the past, but I’m looking for something different this year to spice up my running. At the end of January I will begin to train for the Cleveland Marathon on May 19 . FIRST training plans are also available for other races distances.


The program consists of 3 key runs. A track workout, a tempo run, and a long run. Based on your most recent race time, they provide paces  to maintain each run and predict an appropriate marathon goal time. Two days of cross-training are also implemented, but they should be non-weight bearing activities (swimming, biking, or rowing). Stretching and some weight training exercises are provided in the book.

The focus for this program is on high intensity running and less over-all mileage than traditional marathon training plans. This works well for people with busy schedules, families, or past injuries. I think this plan will be great for me because I haven’t incorporated speed work into my training before. I’m excited to push myself in a different way, but also while preparing for my favorite race distance!

I plan to write weekly updates on marathon training, and thoughts on the FIRST method of training. I would like to review the plan once I have finished it as well. I hope this will help anyone that is thinking of trying a new way of training!

What training plans have you used?

3 responses to “Run Less, Run Faster

  1. “Non-weight bearing activities” such as swimming!!! 🙂

  2. Good luck in Cleveland! Training for Toronto, I started with Higdon but transitioned to the beginner plan in Run Less Run Faster after a couple of weeks. You witnessed the “results” firsthand, and in retrospect for me it was probably unwise: I didn’t have the base miles, so even though I could do the speedwork, the long runs hurt. After Toronto, I ran a half marathon a month later, and MUCH faster (4:50 for the full; 2:01 for the half.). Between the full and the half, I only ran easy, but because of the streak these were 30 mile weeks. I’m now training for the Around the Bay 30K running 6 days a week, varying distance but only easy.

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