Winner, winner!

Saturday, 5 mi

Sunday, 6 mi 9:11 average pace

On Saturday, I met up with my girl Alli, and we did some of the Couch to 5k program. It is awesome that your phone yells at you when to run. It’s basically like having a trainer. Speaking of trainers, anyone else excited for The Biggest Loser tonight?

After the freezing cold run, Alli made a delicious baked oatmeal breakfast and I ran out and grabbed two tall Vanilla Spice Lattes. This is a new latte flavor and it was very delicious and comforting.



My next stop after Alli’s house will probably make you feel the way you did when you found out Kim K. and Kanye are reproducing. I went to Trader Joe’s in Rochester…because I won the reusable bag raffle!! I won a bag full of groceries, plus an adorable bag to add to my collection. Most of the groceries are a little too processed for me, but I know someone in this house will eat them. My favorites are the banana bread mix, dark chocolate candies, and the dried mango. Yum!


IMG_2264  IMG_2265  IMG_2266

Thanks Trader Joes!


Next up, my mom joined Weight Watchers! Health is something I get so excited about, and I am really proud of Nancy for making this commitment to her well-being. She showed me all of her new goodies and she is doing a great job counting points. We made dinner together last night and it was a healthy one. Baked whitefish, and roasted vegetables with olive oil and pepper.



I have been thinking about my race schedule for 2013 quite a bit and I have some plans finalized.  I’m really excited to run this year. I have a lot of training miles to complete, so I want to remember to keep it fun. I have some PR goals, but I really just want to stay healthy and enjoy my favorite type of exercise!

  • Poho Hot Cocoa 8k, January 12th
  • TC Snowshoe 5k, January 19th
  • Cleveland Marathon, May 19th
  • Crim 10 mile, August 24th
  • Detroit Marathon, October 20th
  • Disney Marathon, January 2014

**Also, I updated my race page from the last few months with links to the reviews!


Here are a few photos from wine tasting in Northville on Friday night!

photo (16)

photo (19)

photo (17)


Have you ever won anything exciting?

Do you like weight watchers? Or another weight loss program?

2 responses to “Winner, winner!

  1. Lucky duck with trader joes!!!!! Congrats to nancy!! Nice job running today ! you r my hero who I am taking down during snowshoe. Will be my only chance to beat you this year!!!

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