Poho Hot Cocoa 2013

Saturday, 8k race, 41:00

We had an absolute blast at the race again this year! Did you expect anything else? The race almost doubled the number of runners with 1300. We have had very mild weather the last few days, so the course was clear of snow and ice. And the weather on race day was a perfect 45 degrees and clear.

Packet pickup was all day on Friday and before the race on Saturday. I grabbed my packet, as well as Mitch and Melissa’s on Friday evening after work. The pickup was very well organized and quick. The only thing I was missing was my timing chip. I just went to the store early before the race and I got a timing chip along with a new bib.




It was kind of crazy in the store on race morning, so I was really glad that I already had signed up and had my packet in hand. The shirts are adorable black half-zip long sleeves with the race logo. Love it!

20130112_083442 (1)


The race started on time and we were off! I was looking for a few people so I ended up starting near the end which is always a mistake. I was weaving around people for the first mile or so. I eventually came upon Melissa and Mitch and we exchanged some words… encouraging words of course. I kept moving because I had a goal of keeping an 8:15 pace the whole race. It was easy at the beginning, but I was working hard the last half to maintain. It was probably the hardest I have ever run a race, and I was super excited about my time.

 photo (20)

photo (36)

photo (21)

The course was great with beautiful views of the river and bridge. There was water just after mile 1 and then just before mile 4 on the way back. At the finish line I had Kevin, my mom, and my in-laws cheering.  It felt so great to finish and then cheer on Melissa, Mitch and the other runners.

photo (35)

photo (22)

photo (30)photo (28)

photo (32)

photo (34)

Next, we hit the huge tent with a live band, chocolate fondue, and hot cocoa! It was a chocolate lovers paradise. It was fun to catch up with some other runners that I have met from our Wednesday night running group.

photo (23)

photo (27)

photo (25)

It was such an incredible race day. Thank you so much to Elite Feet for putting on such a cool event. I can’t wait for the years to come!

*Runners: If you want to keep up the running momentum, join us for a group run on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm starting at Elite Feet, PH!

4 responses to “Poho Hot Cocoa 2013

  1. 8k then fondue – NICE!

  2. Amazing time Laura! Super impressive, I am proud of you! I like your pullover too 😉

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