Motivation Tricks and Tips

Monday, 3 mi + swim class

Tuesday, Spin Class

Wednesday-Group run fail

How is it Wednesday already? This week is flying by and that is great because we are heading to Traverse City this weekend for a snowshoe 5k race! I’m counting down the days and staying busy.

My second week of swim class took us to the lap pool. My form is getting a lot better, but I still feel very winded after 1 or 2 laps. More practice I guess!

Tonight, I went to meet the Elite Feet group run and no one in my pace range showed up! It was dark out, so I chickened out of running alone. I decided to make an impromptu rest day out of it. The hardest part of a run is getting ready and out the door, so I was a little disappointed. I will be back next week!

Speaking of motivation, reader Susan asked about ways to stay motivated to exercise when working a full time job. I wish this was an easy answer, and that there was an easy way to achieve highly motivated status. I believe motivation is like rolling hills. I find myself highly motivated for a few weeks, and then less motivated for a time. Here are a few strategies I use when I’m struggling to get out the door.


Here are a few recent food pictures! Delicious homemade sushi by Kevin, and vegetarian stuffed grape leaves from Anita’s Kitchen in Ferndale.

photo (3)  photo (2)

photo (1)


Check back soon for a post about foam-rolling!

How do you stay motivated to meet your fitness goals?

4 responses to “Motivation Tricks and Tips

  1. Oh sushi mmmm looks amazing and never tried making it myself yet! ill be coming next wed to the group run. yay its a first! Even though I did see you fly by me at the poho race, (great job btw!) what pace you run the group run at?!

    • Hi!
      That is awesome that you want to come on Wednesday! We usually get a good mix of paces (except for last week). I like to run with anyone in the 9:00-10:00 minute/mile pace range. I’m always looking to run with new people though, so I’m willing to run any pace (besides under 8:30 😉 Great job running Poho!

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