Foam Rolling!

Thursday-3 mi

Friday-HIIT Turbofire DVD

Happy Friday! We are leaving tonight for Traverse City and the Big Foot Snowshoe 5k race. I ran this last year and had a great time. I’m super pumped for this weekend away.

This morning I went out for a run in the 14 degree weather and made it about .4 of a mile. The cold was painful! I decided to do a quick workout video instead. Solid choice.

I had a friend ask about foam rolling for beginners. I have not been rolling much lately, but I used it a lot after my long runs in marathon training. It’s a great addition to stretching and keeps your muscles relaxed and loose. Here is an article from Runners World with some basics.





Upper back

(Bring your arms up at 90 degree angles, and then back down)


IT Band




Wall Sits


Have you tried foam rolling?


10 responses to “Foam Rolling!

  1. I use my foam roller all the time. I’ve never tried the plank or wall sits with it though.

  2. I saw the foam roller at tj maxx for $20. Is that a good deal?

  3. Have fun in Traverse City!

  4. I love the roller! I also find tennis balls to work great for hips. Good luck on the race!

  5. Awesome entry Laura! This is really interesting, and I definitely want to give it a try now.

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